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I'm excited to help empower your journey! I offer creative tools, videos, and energy guidance services.

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I began exploring my interest in energy and spirituality over 15 years ago. But it's been the last seven years of dedicated study that have changed my life. I started with past life regressions, moved into Tarot and oracle card reading, then to Reiki, and into Shamanic Reiki (nature-based and earth-honoring energetic practices). I've worked with crystals, dabbled in astrology, love kairomancy (working with signs and omens), and took a deep dive into self-care. I've used a combination of all of these things to move forward on what I eventually learned was my path - liberating my heart and life.

Liberate it from what? From the dominance of my mind. I love my mind, and I'm glad I have it, but my mind was squashing all of my heart's whispers, my body wisdom, and my soul connection. I've spent the last seven years freeing


my heart, mind, body, and soul and working to bring balance so that I consider every part of me in how I live my life. I'm still working on this. But I'm now being asked by my Spirit Guides to share my process with others. There are so many people hurting and suffering who need to find ways to listen to the wisdom of their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. I can provide some ways to help you access that wisdom. 

If my work resonates with you, please look at my offerings and see if they can help your journey. I believe that we are all responsible for discovering and walking our healing paths in life, but there's no reason we can't do it with some company! Please reach out if you feel a call to engage in some "purposeful play"  with me. I so look forward to meeting you! or (207) 751-4503

~ Jen

Creative Energy Guide  ~  Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher or (207) 751-4503

Energy Guidance Services

Recorded Energy Guidance Video Session (one-time: $20; monthly subscription: $15 per month)

These videos average 20 - 30 minutes and include a Tarot/Oracle card reading, guided visualization, and a short shamanic journey on your behalf to engage with and interpret your current energy. Provides guidance to work with your energy beyond the session so you can make adjustments for a more liberated life. The recorded video will be emailed. Use the PayPal button to choose your option and make payment. Please note your full name and email address to purchase your session, and email/text a recent picture of yourself. Video link will be emailed within 2-3 days of payment and receipt of picture.

Optional Add On: For $5, you can add a specific question that I will pull a card for at the end of your video. 

Optional Add On: For $15, you can add a phone or video call to your session, so you have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss what came up in the video. 


Monthly Subscription: The recorded video is emailed to you at the same time each month, according to when you first subscribe (i.e., if you subscribe on the 21st of the month, each video will come on the 21st of each month and will cover the next four weeks). If you want to receive your videos at the beginning of the calendar month, start your subscription on the last or first couple of days of the month. 

Choose below to subscribe. Thank you!




Monthly 20-30 minute recorded video to engage/interpret your energy and provide guidance. Emailed once per month.


Video & Call


Monthly 20-30 minute recorded video and separate call to interpret your energy and provide guidance. Emailed once per month.


Video & Question


Monthly 20-30 minute recorded video to interpret energy/provide guidance, plus one question. Emailed once per month.


Video, Question, & Call


Monthly 20-30 minute recorded video to interpret energy/provide guidance, plus one question, and call. Emailed once per month.

Free Energy Guidance Resources

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for energy guidance videos, meditations, and more:

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Please take a look at my Free Energy Guidance page to watch past videos or learn how to shift your energy using the Free Energy Oracle.

Creative Energy Guidance

My creative tools are works in progress. The Shifting Energy Guidance Deck will be available soon to help you learn to work with energy by using intention, visualizations, and body movement. Give it a try by visiting the Energy Oracle page! Keep an eye out for a book of experiential resources with a companion oracle card deck and a Tarot card deck! I'll also be offering some chakra tools and altar art. Lots of good stuff coming!

(207) 751-4503

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