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I'm excited to help empower your journey! I offer creative tools, videos, and energy guidance services.


Shifting Energy Guidance Deck

Unlock your potential to shift the energy in situations and relationships in your life with this beginner-friendly and easy-to-use guidance deck.

Chakra Tools and Art

Chakra Energy Wall/Altar Art and Engaging the Energy of Chakras: A Beginner's Guide and Workbook

A digital download guide and workbook to aid your work with chakras and a gorgeous, handmade piece of chakra art to inspire your explorations.


Learn more about me and my work:

I began exploring my interest in energy and spirituality over 15 years ago, but it's been the last seven years of dedicated study that have changed my life. Through the years, I've worked with past life regressions, Tarot/oracle cards, Reiki, Shamanic Reiki (nature-based and earth-honoring energetic practices), kairomancy (working with signs and omens), and self-care. I've used a combination of all of these things to move forward on what I eventually learned was my path - liberating my life and living authentically. 


My work has been freeing my heart, mind, body, and soul and working to bring balance so that I consider every part of me in how I live my life. I'm still working on this. But it's time for me to share some of what I've learned with you to help you access the wisdom of your heart, mind, body, and soul. 

I hope you find something in my creative energy tools and teachings that resonates with you and your journey. Please reach out if you want to chat and sign up for my email list to stay updated on new tools and teachings. I look forward to meeting you! 

Good Journey ~ Jen

Creative Energy Guide  ~  Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher or (207) 751-4503

Energy Guidance Services & Tools to Purchase

Energy Meditation and Guidance  Personal Video - $30

A guided journey meditation created just for you, based on your current energetic needs, that lets you engage with and experience what is happening with your energy from a new perspective. This can help you receive insights into the best ways to care for yourself to impact your level of health and quality of life. After the meditation, I provide additional guidance around ways you can explore the energy in a deeper way or suggestions of things that might support you.

These videos average 25 - 30 minutes and include pulling a Tarot/Oracle card in addition to the guided visualization. As a trained and certified Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher (via Shamanic Reiki Worldwide), I use shamanic journey techniques to engage with your energy. This kind of energy work can be done very effectively in a long-distance format and allows you to watch the video and engage in the meditation when the time is right for you. To see samples of general Energy Meditation and Guidance Videos that you can participate in for free, please visit my Free Tools blog.

Shifting Energy Guidance Deck - $28

Unlock your potential to shift the energy in situations and relationships in your life. These cards lead you through simple practices that combine intention, visualizations, and easy body movements to teach you how to engage with your energy, intuition, and yourself more consciously. Connecting visualization with body movement is a great way to ground your intentions and make real changes in your life! You can give it a try for free by visiting the Energy Oracle.

Chakra Energy Wall or Altar Art - Large $53 or Small $44

Use this Chakra Energy Art as a wall hanging or place on your altar to inspire your connection to the world of chakra energy. This handmade crochet art piece’s design focuses on each unique chakra color to elicit its energetic vibration. I spent a few months working on this design to develop a circular pattern that connects you to the spinning energy flow of the chakras. Makes a great statement art piece and provides a wonderful way to focus your intention and energy around your work with and connection to chakras. 


Engaging the Energy of Chakras: A Beginner's Guide and Workbook - $10

This 39-page PDF digital download guide and workbook introduces you to the energy of each of the seven most common chakras. It also gives easy exercises designed to help you engage with the energy of each chakra for yourself. Engaging with the chakras can help you bring focus and intention to issues you are looking to heal or adjust, whether healing from trauma or engaging in more profound and thorough self-care.

Visit my Etsy Shop to purchase any of the above items or services.


Free Energy Guidance Tools

Learn how to shift your energy using the Free Energy Oracle, based on my 40-card Shifting Energy Guidance Deck, now available for purchase on Etsy.

Check out my Free Tools blog for videos and posts designed to teach you how to engage with energy on a deeper level for healing, wholeness, and liberated living.

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