Guidance on How to Shift Your Energy
Need a little insight on how to shift your energy? You're in the right place! The below oracle uses the 40 cards in my Shifting Energy Guidance Deck to help you see how to make a change in your energetic state. The cards combine intention, visualization, and body movements to empower you to shift your energy and make real changes in your life. Take a few moments and follow the steps below to choose a card for your current energetic needs. Sign up for the Weekly Energy Forecast Email which highlights one of the cards each week.

Learn About the Deck

Free Energy Oracle
1) Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
2) Focus on what you would like to receive guidance on around shifting your energy.
3) Use your mouse or finger to sort through the cards until you feel drawn toward one and select it. Click or double-click to go to the blog post for the energetic shift that you need at this time.
4) Read the message and participate in the visualization and body movement to help shift your energy. Take your time and repeat the movement until you begin to feel a shift. 

Good journey!  ~ Jen

Stagnant to Refreshed
Observing to Intuiting
Closed to Open
Exhausted to Rested
Silence to Speaking
Sitting in Transition
Dismissing to Reviewing
Bound to Free
Confusion to Clarity
Holding to Releasing
Stopped to Flowing
Separated to Merged
Disconnected to Connected
Hesitancy to Acceptance
Soiled to Cleansed
Agitation to Stillness
Undecided to Decided
Rutted to Redirected
Dreaming to Creating
Empty to Fulfilled
Unlit to Sparked
Smothered to Stoked
Constricted to Expanded
Limited to Structured
Fighting to Surrender
Obedience to Authority
Timidity to Boldness
Distracted to Focused
Quitting to Persevering
Burden to Lightness
Barren to Planted
Unbalanced to Balanced
Gathering to Building
Clutching to Allowing
Lost to Seeking
Giving and Receiving
Growing to Harvesting
Studying to Applying
Floating to Embodied
Striving to Thriving