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Liberate! Book

Liberate! guides you through a unique set of experiences that allows you to take the lead on your path to healing and wholeness. Take a journey through 13 energy concepts using stories, meditations, and experiential practices designed to help you connect with all parts of yourself in new and unexpected ways. This book encourages a shamanic perspective through connection with nature, embodied practices, and creative tools to focus your explorations with energy.

Engage in:

Opening My Heart

Embracing My Balance

Following My Faith

Harnessing My Passion

 Finding My Harmony

Inviting My Individuation

Engaging My Expression

Journeying to My Joy

Accepting My Responsibility

Reclaiming My Value

Connecting with My Community

Cultivating My Self-Mastery

Uniting All of Me

Are you ready to take a deep dive into yourself? To strip off the layers of beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors that mask the real you from shining forth into the world? Let this book lead you on an empowering journey toward revealing your authentic self and freeing your life. Liberate!

Read the Introduction and part of Chapter 1 below!
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Paperback and eBook versions will be available in July!
In the meantime, visit my Etsy shop to see other tools already available for purchase. You can also check out the Free Tools for videos and guidance to starting exploring yourself and your energy today.
Good journey!  ~ Jen