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Engaging in the self-care energy of an Open Heart can be very scary if you have found it necessary to keep yourself closed off to feel protected. But you miss so much of the joy in life if you stay closed off. Allow these resources to help you engage with your heart, to clear away heaviness and constriction and open to love, light and healing energy. Connect with whatever resources speak to you, in whatever order you would like. I suggest beginning with the Welcoming Visualization, Imagery and Fable if you are unsure what would be most helpful. If you need additional support, please see my Offerings or contact me for personal mentorship. 

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Energy Welcoming Visualization

Listen to this short visualization to begin your journey with the Open Heart self-care energy.

  • Open Heart Welcoming Visualization
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  • Jen Bonnett
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Imagery is powerful and is a wonderful way to connect to your intuition and subconscious. I encourage you to spend some time with the picture, particularly before you read the fable or use any of the other resources. Study it and check in with your own intuition as you gaze at the image.​​

Self-Care Fable


Humans relate with others through stories. Stories are a gentle tool we can use to explore ourselves, as we see how the characters, situations and emotions might mirror what is in our lives, hearts and minds. This fable was written by me (Jen!) through connection with the creative flow of Spirit.

Question Prompts


Use these questions as prompts to explore the energy of this self-care concept in your life. Write, paint, craft, sing, make music, meditate, read Tarot/Oracle cards, etc. to connect with this energy.​​

Practices & Tools


Practice makes perfect! I would adjust that to say that 'Practice makes self-care.' It is through sustained practices that we learn how to more deeply connect with and support ourselves. There are a variety of types of practices to use for this, including connection with our bodies, nature, and ritual/ceremony.

Addressing a Heart-Constricting Situation

A body noticing practice designed to help you learn how to resolve a situation in a way that will release constriction in your heart/body and open you to free-flowing energy. 

Journey Meditation


Meditations and shamanic journeying allow you to explore yourself by having an experience in a deepened or altered state of consciousness. They are helpful for relaxation, altering your energy and perspectives, connecting with your intuition and helper beings, and receiving information. Guided journey meditations allow you to experience these benefits in a safe and supported way. Remember - it's your experience and you can't do it wrong! Whatever you experience is what you need at that moment. Breathe, relax and open to the wisdom of the experience!

Heart Cleansing and Opening

An audio journey meditation to help cleanse your heart of heavy, unnecessary energy and open it to healing light energy.

  • Open Heart Journey Meditation
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  • Jen Bonnett
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Card Spread


Tarot and Oracle cards are wonderful tools to help develop your intuition, explore your subconscious, and provide consistent connection to and guidance from your Guides.

Energy Integrating Visualization

Once you have completed your work with the resources, listen to this short visualization to integrate the Open Heart self-care energy.

  • Open Heart Integrating Visualization
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  • Jen Bonnett
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Further Study

To explore even more deeply, consider looking into crystals/stones, essential oils/aromatherapy, animal medicine, plant wisdom, angels, Spirit Guides, symbols, sacred geometry, sounds, and any other areas where you feel called to explore this self-care energy!

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