The Burning Tree

I have been able to do self-Reiki for a little over a year and I know that it has been useful to me in a variety of ways, including helping me with stress relief and keeping my blood pressure low enough to stay off of medication. I only discovered Shamanic Reiki in the last couple of months and as soon as I started reading about it, I knew that it was the direction I wanted to go with my Reiki work. I had already been experiencing spontaneous journeys while doing self-Reiki and I wanted to continue to explore those. I ordered the book Shamanic Reiki by Llyn Roberts and Robert Levy and read it voraciously. Many of the tools and practices in the book resonated with me but what I needed was a way to really practice one of them, to prove to myself that they worked.

I have had problems with my digestion for as long as I can remember. I recently thought I had figured out a food intolerance that was causing the problem, as avoiding those foods seemed to provide me relief - but only for awhile. Around the time I finished reading the Shamanic Reiki book, my digestive issues came back with a vengeance, even though I was still avoiding problem foods. It finally dawned on me that perhaps these digestive issues were caused less by food but instead were pointing to an underlying emotional issue that needed my attention.

As I thought about this more, I realized that one of the things I had read about in the book, an intrusion, seemed like it could be the root of my issues. An intrusion is a concentration of negative energy in the body that has developed as a result of unconscious beliefs. An intrusion can take hold so strongly because there is a part of us that allows it to; we feel some kind of, perhaps misguided, benefit from it. I decided that I would attempt a journey for myself, to see if there really was an intrusion that was contributing to my digestive issues.

As luck would have it (ha!), my dog Teddy woke me up at 3:00 a.m. the next morning barking at coyotes. I was wide awake and decided to give my journey a try. To journey, I simply relax, let Reiki flow, visualize I am in a safe and comfortable place, and make an intention of what I want out of the journey. My intention was to go into my digestive system to see if I could find an intrusion and transform it from something negative that was holding me back, to something positive that would be beneficial to me.

Soon after starting my journey, I saw a dead tree rooted deeply in my intestines. It was clear to me that this was my intrusion. I decided to try and transform the tree by making it bloom. I started at the roots and sent strong Reiki light energy into the tree. My idea was that I would fill the entire tree with this light energy and once the tree was filled, it would begin to bloom into a strong, healthy tree. Much to my surprise, once the light reached the branches, the tree burst into flames! I understood that this tree was like the story of the Phoenix, who has to burst into flames in order to be reborn from the ashes. So I let the tree burn and then took the ashes that were left - ashes now filled with Reiki light energy - and distributed them throughout my digestive system, where they could grow in healthy ways to support me.

As this visualization was taking place, I received the knowledge about where this tree had come from and why it was rooted so deeply. I have long held the belief that I am not good enough to receive all that I want and ask for. There has been a sense in me that I need to be "perfect" in order to have the full life of which I dream. Of course, my logical mind knows this is impossible and isn't even the point of life. I also thought that this was a belief I had already dispensed with. However, because this belief also "served" me by providing a barrier and protecting me from the intense emotion associated with long-term intimate relationships, there was a part of me that continued to hold on to the belief. The ability for me to transform such a longstanding and negative belief for myself was incredibly empowering and I believe it has finally unchained me from it for good.

AND, my digestive issues significantly decreased right after this journey and continue to be nearly absent. For me, this is a huge relief and definite proof that Shamanic Reiki can aid in deep healing. This doesn't mean that I don't still have to take care of myself properly, eat healthy foods that nourish me, and keep my emotional system in check. But I do feel it will be much easier to do so without a negative, dead tree rooted in my gut!

I realize that this might sound downright crazy to some people and a few years ago, one of those people would likely have been me. I've always been a pretty rational, down-to-earth person and I still am. But I am now a person who also accepts whatever experiences come my way and uses them to transform my life into the one that best serves me and my highest good. I'm excited to help others transform their lives through the use of Reiki and Shamanic Reiki. :)

~ Jen

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