The Transformation of Fear

In the past 24 hours, I have experienced a level and type of fear that at first seemed wholly new to me, due to the political events playing out in this country. A fear that made me look at those around me with suspicion and question their intentions toward me, simply because I am a woman. As I’ve processed through that fear, I’ve come to understand that, at its root, this is a fear that I’ve been intimately acquainted with for years. My digestive system also spoke up in spades to remind me where the real root of this fear lies. At the center, the fear is about my worthiness and wholeness as a human and my right to walk with freedom and share my authentic self on this earth. I believe every one of us struggles with this same fear, probably much more so than most of us are willing to recognize or admit.

One of the most glaring things that has landed on my head as I’ve delved into my fear reaction, is just how fearful the people in this country and the world truly are. I don’t think It’s even about who we’ve elected as a leader now or in the past, it’s a more base fear that we will have something taken away from us or will not be allowed to live as we feel we need to. In some cases, these fears are fully founded, but in most cases, they are simply stories that our fear-mongering brains make up in (usually misguided) efforts to protect us. We choose whether we believe those stories and allow that fear to defeat us or whether we choose to embrace the fear, learn from it, and then rise above it and walk through this world with our authentic selves intact. The truth is, I don’t believe that most of the people I meet and interact with daily wish me harm or ill will just because I’m a woman (or for any other reason). I had to dive into my fears first, though, to understand that.

My dog, Teddy, sometimes becomes possessive of his bones and dog bed, fearful that they will be taken away from him. As I brought him in for the night, he insisted on bringing his dog bed in from the porch. I know from experience that this act requires my help to be successful. But the bed is new and Teddy became fearful (expressed through loud growling) that I would, instead of helping him, take the bed away. I found myself struggling with him at first, wanting to force my help and just get the damn bed inside. This only elicited stronger and louder growling. I finally dropped my hold on the bed and walked away, allowing him to decide how he would bring the bed in on his own. It took him about 5 seconds to walk away from the bed and sit in front of me, asking for my help. Such a powerful lesson about the willingness to ask for and accept help, even despite your fear, as well as making that choice when the time is right for YOU, instead of being pushed into it by another.

Fear is a powerful tool for transformation and my lesson from all of this is to be thankful that I am here now, with the abilities and knowledge I currently possess to help myself and others utilize it. Not likely on a large scale political level but instead, where every change must truly start, on a person-to-person level. I look forward to using the tools of Reiki and Shamanic Reiki to assist others to dive into their fears as I have, to understand where they are rooted, and to transform them into positive and healing energy and action. I welcome those who are ready to walk this road with me now and I offer compassion and patience to those who need more time to start the journey. I (and many others) will be here when the time is right for you to ask for and accept the help you need to overcome your fears (because none of us can or need to do it alone).

Peace & Goodwill,

~ Jen

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