Spark a Flame with Abracadabra

"In its original Aramaic, the 'abracadabra' famously used by magicians derives from abraq ad habra, which literally translates as, 'I will create as I speak.'" ~ Speaking With Nature, Sandra Ingerman and Llyn Roberts.

I've been thinking a lot about thoughts. Specifically, how powerful thoughts actually are in creating our world. I look around me and see so many people who think negatively (as I once did). They complain or are disappointed because they do not have the life they want, yet they give no credence to the idea that all of their negative thinking is actually creating the circumstances in their life that they don't like. I see a lot of blame outward, towards specific people, toward society in general. Yet thoughts and creation begin with each of us, individually.

If you struggle to see how your thoughts are creating your world, consider this metaphor. Most of my work career has found me essentially being an event planner. How does event planning begin? With an idea or a thought that sparks inside one individual's brain. That thought is then considered, maybe talked about with another person or group of people, and expanded upon. Lists of tasks are made, timelines created. As tasks are completed, more people recruited to help, the event begins to take shape and turn into something substantial, into a reality we can see and touch, culminating in the actual event. So by a mere thought in one individual's brain, something tangible has been created and birthed into our reality.

So what's important about understanding this? It's about where and how you focus your energy. If you are always focusing on what could go wrong, what has gone wrong, what you don't like and don't want, guess where your energy is focused? That doesn't mean that you bury your head and ignore negative things because that can lead you down a fantasy road that is just as unhelpful. Instead, you acknowledge the negative, learn from it or from mistakes and then you chart a different course to focus on. One that will lead you to create something different, something that you really do want. This change in thinking takes daily vigilance. But I know that all of us have created an event, completed an art or craft or woodworking project, written a paper or even a grocery list. You already do this, every day! You CREATE something positive from your thoughts and your brain!

The other piece about creation is to be honest about what you really want to create. I see people every day trying to do or create things that they don't honestly want. They go after jobs they aren't really interested in because they think it will provide good pay and stability. They stay in relationships that they don't really want to be in because they are too afraid to deal with the conflict of leaving or asking for changes. They are astonished when these jobs or relationships don't work out or leave them feeling empty. I think the reason is because they are acting on what they think they should want or have, instead of what they honestly want. But guess what? What you really, truly want is still a thought in your head. Maybe buried deep and needing to be uncovered. But that thought is substance and it will stay there, continuing to make you feel unsatisfied, until you bring it up into the light and work toward it. These thoughts need to be expressed into the world, in order to create satisfying life circumstances. Will you spark a flame with Abracadabra and speak to create the life you really want?

Warm holiday wishes,

~ Jen

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