Give Yourself Permission to Lose Control!

An amazing attribute of Shamanic work is the ability for a practitioner to “journey” for information. What does that mean? It is essentially meditating or daydreaming with intent. The practitioner asks Spirit (God, Higher Consciousness, Universe, whatever you want to call it) to assist in a journey to find out information. This could include asking what is blocking a person from living an abundant life, bringing back a Spirit Guide to assist in future guidance, or even returning to a traumatic past event to allow healing to take place. Shamanic practitioners journey all the time on behalf of themselves and others.​ But YOU can also learn to journey for yourself! Shamanic practices are all about empowering you to facilitate your own healing (one reason I love them so much). You just need a practitioner to guide you along the path and assist with tools and suggestions.

The other important piece in journeying is your willingness to LOSE CONTROL! The essential ingredient to successful journey or meditation experiences is your ability to let go of controlling your experience and just let it happen. Majorly HUGE challenge for most people. It certainly was for me, which is why I tried meditating unsuccessfully for so long before I found Reiki and guided meditations. Guided meditations gave my mind something to focus on, so it could stay busy like it wanted, but allowed me to get used to letting the experience unfold. Reiki shifted the energy in my system enough to quiet my mind so I could allow experiences to unfold. The combination worked great to teach me how to lose control and just experience (in a safe way).

If you struggle with meditation, an easy way to start is to just allow yourself to daydream. Or if you find yourself in a daydream, don't shake yourself out of it, just see where it takes you. In our current society, most of us have have been taught that daydreaming is a time waster and non-productive. But what if it is productive and even necessary to allow us to live healthy lives? The next time you catch yourself daydreaming, give yourself permission to lose control and see where the daydream leads you. It might lead you to the solution for a problem you've been experiencing or it just might lead you to a few moments of stress relief, relaxation and joy that most of us can desperately use. The key here is consciously telling yourself that it's ok to daydream and allowing the experience to happen. Don't control where it goes, just see what happens. You might be very surprised where the unconscious (or Spirit!) takes you!

In an effort to help you benefit from these types of daydream experiences, I am offering a series of online and in-person workshops called “Journey To…”. These will all include a guided journey experience to help you begin to unravel what you can do to start living the life you truly desire. We will daydream with intent and see if we can find solutions to challenges in your life! These begin in February with a “Journey To BALANCE” and a “Journey To YOUR INNER CHILD.” You can learn more and register by visiting my "Events & Workshops" page. Give yourself permission to safely LOSE CONTROL with me!

~ Jen

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