Forces of Nature

One of the reasons I love Shamanic Reiki is because feeling supported in my work is as easy as walking outside. Nature is such a powerful teacher and supporter for all of us, if we are only willing to open our eyes and hearts and see what is on offer.

Recently I have been working on releasing the last of my fear around opening my heart fully to others and to experiences. This fear and the limiting beliefs associated with it are stopping me from manifesting my dreams and accepting true abundance into my life. This is something I have worked with for years now and I’ve made wonderful progress. However, the more of this work I do, the more it feels like peeling the layers of an onion and just when I think I’m done, I find another layer. But one morning I was feeling particularly strong that the time had come to release the last of the fear. As I worked with my altar and morning spiritual practices, I made the vow to release it for good.

After this I took my daily walk with my dog. The wind was blowing fiercely and it seemed as if it might have a message for me. Sure enough, shortly after we started to walk, I watched numerous branches fall from the trees in front of us, almost as if the trees were telling me that it was time to drop the fear, as they had dropped their branches. I liked the idea. The element of EARTH was supporting me.

I only had a short time to ponder this before the wind began whipping around me even more fiercely. The thought came clearly to my mind that the wind was attempting to scour my fear and limiting beliefs away. I immediately embraced this idea and willingly offered my fear up to the wind to scour away and leave me cleansed. The element of AIR was supporting me.

Then it began to snow flurry, the wind spinning the flakes furiously around me. This left me with the same feeling of being scoured clean. I laughed and offered my fear up to the snow. The element of WATER was supporting me.

While all of this was happening, I could still see blue sky and sun in front of me. By the end of the walk, the sun was shining brightly once more, almost as though it was filling up the holes where the fear had departed with luminous, healing light. The element of FIRE was supporting me.

I felt so light and joyous through this experience, almost like I was floating. It seemed that the things I have spent so long worrying about and trying to control had been lifted and cleared away, leaving me with pure joy. As I walked home, I began looking around, appreciating and thanking nature for supporting me in such a powerful way, just when I needed strong reassurance that I was making the right choices. I began to notice hearts everywhere. In the knots of trees. In rocks and water spots on the ground. Even the number of a house I passed was on a board in the shape of a heart. The sheer number of them was astonishing. Probably 20-30 in a half mile stretch. WOW!

I have passed by these hearts probably hundreds of times and never noticed any of them before. And that’s my point with all this. Nature is around us every day. Always supporting us in everything we do – breathing, quenching our thirst, growing the food we eat, supporting our feet as we walk our paths. The signs to help guide and support us are there, too, all the time. But it’s up to each of us to decide that we’re going to take the time to notice and appreciate those signs.

So this is where I encourage you to step outside and NOTICE what Nature has to say to you. It won’t be anything like my experience. It will be an experience perfectly designed for you and what you need when you step outside. Express your gratitude for what you experience and make time to go outside the next day and the day after that and beyond to just NOTICE. The more you take time to not only be in Nature but to listen, with your heart, to what she has to say to you, the more connected you will begin to feel to yourself, to others and to Spirit. The lightness and joy to be gained from that is worth the effort, I promise. :)

~ Jen

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