How to Shift Your Energy from STAGNANT to REFRESHED

Learning to shift energy is a vital responsibility for everyone and has a marked impact on our lives. The below card provides a visualization and body movement to help you make a shift in your energy. A few suggestions before you start:

  • Close your eyes, spend a few moments noticing how your body feels and focus on your breath. Do this until you feel relaxed and present.

  • Read the front of the card that explains the shift in energy with which you are about to engage and think about the issue with which you are looking to bring this energetic shift.

  • Read the back of the card a few times to get the idea of what the visualization and body movement are all about.

  • Engage in the movement as you focus your intention on shifting your energy from one state to another. Take your time to feel into each state of energy, both where you energy currently is and where you are shifting.

  • Repeat the movement and visualization multiple times. Practice the movement over a period of days or weeks, depending on what you are trying to shift, each time focusing your strong intention on why you are making the shift.

  • Keep a written, audio, or video journal to track your progress.

The energy of this card is based on the Ace of Swords in the Tarot. The suit of Swords relates to the mind, communication, thoughts, and can often mean conflict or confusion. The Ace is the first card in the suit and brings with it a welcome fresh new energy to thoughts, communication, and conflict.

Other Tarot cards that have a similar energy: 10 Wheel of Fortune, 17 Star. Even if you are not familiar with the Tarot, you may find it useful to read about these Tarot cards to engage in a deeper exploration of the energy.

Sites to read about the meanings of Tarot cards:

If you found this exercise useful, you can purchase the entire 40-card Shifting Energy Guidance Deck in my Etsy shop, CreativeEnergyGuide!

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Good Journey ~ Jen

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