Practicing Energy Engagement Video #1

How do you learn how to work with energy? How do you develop your intuition or, better yet, trust your intuition? Practice! With this video tool, I encourage you to take a few moments to connect with energy and your intuition to see what messages you receive. The question you are asking is, “what energetic information do I need from watching this video today?” Open yourself to receive whatever words, images, sounds, feelings, thoughts, memories, people, etc., bubble up. You don’t have to understand it; notice and jot down what comes up for you with that question. Then watch the rest of the video. See if what came through for you has a similar vibration to what I received. Or maybe what came through for me helps clarify something that came up for you. Have fun practicing connecting to energy, developing your intuition, and, most importantly, TRUSTING your intuition! This is video #1 in the Practicing Energy Engagement video series.

Card deck used in this video: Chakra Wisdom Tarot by Tori Hartman

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Good Journey ~ Jen

***This video is for educational purposes only. You take responsibility for any decisions or results from participating with this video and the information presented.***

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